RVT Group

An Introduction to RVT Group

RVT Group (formerly Rentavent) is dedicated to protecting people’s health on site with temporary-environment control. We understand the pressure on site to get the work done and yet protect everyone with effective control of dust, fumes, noise, and air quality.

We provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards and maintain a productive work environment. The RVT Group specialise in the monitoring and control of noise, dust, fumes, exhaust fumes, ventilation and climate.

We offer a free site survey for every project to ensure that control is targeted and effective. In addition, our four-point customer contact programme ensures that every customer receives the very best service from RVT group.

For more information please visit www.rvtgroup.co.uk

Head Office

RVT Group

Prospect House,
Riverside Way, Dartford,
Kent, DA1 5BS

T. 0808 178 3286
F. 0844 324 0602
E. info@rvtgroup.co.uk

We also have regional offices in the locations detailed below.

Northampton East Midlands

Chester North West

Warrenpoint Northern Ireland