Plant Hire UK Ltd

The Company Just part of the service

  • All machines are given the thorough ‘Plant Hire UK’ inspection before each hire
  • Support is available 24/7 on 08450 766677
  • All engineers are professionally trained and are provided with fully equipped service vans
  • Appointments are made to suit you
  • We provide a full array of attachments for the complete range of equipment we hire

Committed to health & safety

As a company we are concerned about the ever-changing health & safety requirements on sites. In response to this we have enlisted the services of an independent insurance group to keep us fully updated on any relevant changes.

Regular meetings are held with the health & safety officers of the majority of our customers to ensure we meet their specific requirements. All parties are concerned about remaining within the regulations and, through these meetings, we are able to satisfy any concerns of the health & safety officers and the site managers.

Plant Hire UK is able to provide ‘extra measures’ to assist with safety issues, including:

  • speed restrictions
  • all-round vision mirrors
  • reversing cameras
  • full operating manuals in addition to operating instructions


We’ll look after security as well Plant Hire UK Ltd is committed to keeping costs as low as possible. Consequently, we work with you to ensure the risk of theft is kept to a minimum.

Various anti-theft systems are used to meet our customers’ insurance requirements as different insurers prefer different devices. As a result Plant Hire UK Ltd is able to offer devices from the sophisticated Satrak system (using GPS technology) and Meck Lock systems that isolate the hydraulics, to Tracker Retrieve systems and the more expensive Tracker Monitor.

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