Sustainability Policy

AFI-Uplift is currently in the process of achieving ISO 14001 and part of this is the installation of a full sustainability policy and associated action plan. This will be updated annually and will include formal reporting of outcomes to the Senior Management Team and the Board. This will be published shortly.

In the mean time we are operating the following initiatives:


AFI-Uplift has well established recycling procedures for paper products, waste oil’s, batteries, rags, aerosol cans, toner cartridges, metal, and plastic. We have increased our commitment by changing to a new organisation that will recycle every item of waste that we produce in the operation of our depots and offices. We also recycle computer and IT equipment. 


AFI-Uplift runs a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles and engineering vans. We monitor speed and driving habits through active data logging systems in order to minimize fuel use. All vehicles bought are chosen for their ability to comply with forthcoming legislation not existing legislation.


AFI-Uplift actively seeks to appoint suppliers with a good track record in sustainability.  For example, our stationery supplier offers a range of recycled products which we encourage staff to use through a competitive pricing strategy.


As part of our ongoing commitment to introduce sustainable practice, electricity supplies are being monitored and active plans are in place to reduce power consumption.