Advanté created the concept of instant start welfare through the Oasis range in 1998 and pioneered the way for self-contained welfare provision on construction sites, across the UK.

The Oasis Welfare range has evolved over time, as we have responded to the changing needs of our clients and continued to deliver effective and sustainable welfare solutions to key players across the UK Construction Industry.

Oasis units are available from four distinct ranges:

  • Oasis EcoLogic
    Instant start welfare solutions for every site. Enhance staff wellbeing with mainly silent running welfare, 24/7 silent drying facilities, reduced running costs & CO2 emissions all in one welfare unit
  • Oasis EcoMax
    Need more desks in your site office or more meeting space for your staff? Look no further than our unique double-stacked welfare range. Benefit from the same features in our EcoLogic range plus MORE
  • Oasis Vision
    Do you need toilet facilities for larger numbers of staff? Our instant start 2+1 toilet block range is now also available with a choice of an additional shower or faith toilet, to cater for all your staff’s needs
  • Oasis PowerStation
    Our award-winning solution to facilitate a cable-free site by providing a safe battery charging environment that eliminates the need for temporary site electrics, reduces trip hazards and supports emission-free works

Advanté Transport also provide specialist lifting & transport services:

  • Lifting & Transport
    Our fleet of 80t/m lorry loader cranes and experienced operators are all ALLMI Appointed Persons, who will expertly carry out complex lifts; saving you time and money, whilst reducing disruption on site.


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